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Grku's Staff Application

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:172246739
Steam Profile:
Age: 14
Time zone: Moutain Time
Hours on server: I Would have more but server reset a few times since ive first started playing which was like around or nearing 2 years ago, but i went inactive many times , Currently now 30 hours 20 mins
GMod hours: 1124
Gametracker link:
Why should we choose you: Well, I first started playing this server around like 2 years ago but I went by the name of Vovl I think, some people might recognize me, but probably not, I feel I have played long enough that I can be trusted, and I can sometimes get on while other staff cannot or are not on. Any other ttt server I have ever played on besides one, I have not gotten more than 2 hours playing on just one server. I would not do anything that would get me banned from this server, as I am a long time player, I do not want to ruin that.

Past Experience: I was an admin on a server Called Digital Delta gaming, where it took me 3-6 months to get from mod to admin, then not too long after that, i resigned as i was getting bored from being staff for over a few monhts, The server was about Prison RP, it usually got 50 people when i was staff on it. tho I did lie about my age as I was not old enough to be staff on it lol.
+cool guy to play with
+Doesn't rdm (at least when Im online)
-Although lying itself is a bad thing especially on applications, try not to do it on anymore
-Try to get more hours if you can Big Grin (on the new server I mean) I would also like to see your more active because I just checked your account and you have a lot of spurts of inactivity.
[Image: original.gif]

Asuna's Bae <3
-has bare minimum time on current server
-just started playing on the current server
-replied to someone else's app (do not do that to this one)
[Image: mdyRtOw.gif]
Rule 2. Do not spamming or harassing other players.
- bare minimum hours
- never heard of you
- don't reply to responses if you want to thank them pm them.

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