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TTT Server Update Thread!

Albeit a little late, we now have a thread for the updates we're making to the TTT server! We'll be posting any updates to the server on this thread. If there's any changes that you've noticed that has not been added to this list, please inform any one of the staff members and they'll help to include it in.


  1. Added !achieve.
  2. Added Runescape chat + effects. (Chat messages that you type will appear above your head. Certain effects can be applied too!)
  3. Added the Throat Paralyzer Gun (T weapon). Players shot by this gun will be unable to send and receive any form of communication whatsoever for 30s.
  4. Added !sprays (for Regular+ only). Just find a picture/gif on the internet, copy its link, and paste it in the !sprays menu to be able to spray it (default key is "G").
  5. Re-added perma weapons. Shotguns not included (thankfully).
  6. Re-added the Ninja Rope.
  7. Added new PR Rounds!
    -Impact Battle
    -Harpoon Battle

  8. The TDM PR Round has been changed to be Ts vs Ds.
  9. Added new Pointshop skins!
    - 3 Darth Maul skins (fully cloaked one only available for Legend+)
    - Daft Punk
    - Daft Punk: Gold (Legend+)
    - Chewbacca (Donator+)

  10. Removed Pointshop skins that didn't have hitboxes.

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