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oftheshadows7q staff application

Steam Profile: oftheshadows7q
Age: 18
Time zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)
Hours on server:169 hours according to in game
GMod hours:427 hours
Gametracker link:
Why should we choose you: Forqive me if i sound to bragging or to cocky. It is not my intention to be.

The reson i want to be at least Trial Staff is I really enjoy the Oblivion Community(even if i cant access Prop Hunt) and it really is one of the TTT servers i joined into when I first started Gmod. Of course,That meant I was new at the game and as a result got banned twice (one from Copy for three days and one from Zoid for a Day). However as time went on and I got Better, I Came to Respect this server As it it One of Handfuls that do something about hackers, rdm'ers, and mic spammers unlike other servers which leave them be until someone cares. As a person who cares about this Community, I would Hope to see it never become a server were the admins are too lazy or stretched thin too do something and with the New Prop Hunt server coming along I thought it would be a good idea to apply.

TL;DR I want to apply to at least be trial staff to help with any moderation(for the TTT server)

Past Experience: I don't know if this counts but im an admin for a weird Elevator Source game mode (I'm not about it myself)
TBH, I have never seen you. Partly my doing for being inactive during the day because of my new job.
Get violated ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!

+ vouch
+ doesn't break rules
[img=0x150][/img]Cactus Stroked
+knows rules
[Image: mdyRtOw.gif]
Rule 2. Do not spamming or harassing other players.
+model player. never RDMs or false KOS's and knows the rules.
+good amount of hours and is currently #13 on hours leader board.
+friendly to staff and players and is very calm in every situation.


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