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Legits Staff App (2)

Steam Profile: Legit
Timezone: Central time zone 
hours on server: 107
Hours on gmod: 310
GamerTracker Link:

Why we should choose you: WAIT before you vouch and say im impacient and hear me out i think you should choose me because i can spot hackers and i am well known through majority of community and am like by most staff (MOST) now im not the best at the game and really probaley the worst but I am really active and To be honest i did my other thread on Oct 27 its the 15 of november and i have a lot more hours and experiemence than i did then most people can say im young and retarded but in Andys words "Chase how do you spell dankest squaker" 
am really nice unless you piss me off which happens a lot i dont why but yeah love oblivion and love staff over all a great server and i want to help it outSmile .

past experimences (bad spelling) : none but gotta start somewhere
[Image: mdyRtOw.gif]
Rule 2. Do not spamming or harassing other players.
Your heart is in the right place but as you mentioned in the application, your temper is short. I'd like to see you really work on that and mature a bit, and then I'd be happy to change my mind. Also, the waiting period between applications is 3 weeks (21 days), you posted this after 19.

-Get angry too easily.
-You fight with staff.
-You show up in reports very often.
-You mic spam pretty often, and you're just too loud in general.
-Not mature enough.
-I had to read your app twice to get what you were saying.
-Applied too soon.

[Image: tumblr_oqts1d81V71re2qeso1_400.jpg]

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