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Ban Appeal


Who banned you: Patrick Swayze
Website profile link:
Ban length: 1 Day
Ban Reason: RDM and Leave
Why you should be unbanned: I didn't have any slays on me when I left, I was reported a few rounds earlier, but seeing as how aggressive the reporter was against, well, everyone and rounds had passed and the explanation I gave as to why I killed him(He didnt shoot KOSed player or ID the body after it was killed and he was standing right next to him the whole time)  I assumed I was in the clear. I had only disconnected for about 15 minutes so I could make dinner and didn't want to be considered hour farming. I'll happily serve out any slay deemed necessary, but was hoping to play a bit more tonight.
Here's the report and the relevant logs:

You claimed that Burn "did not shoot him." "Him" being the traitor, paterson, that was next to Burn. The problem here is that your response is completely incorrect. When paterson shot you, the very next bullet you fired hit Burn, not paterson.  The next shot fired was from Burn, who shot paterson, despite the fact he was just shot by you. He then shot paterson again and successfully killed him, as you had only shot paterson once. You identified paterson's body and after seeing that Burn had just killed a traitor, who had also shot him first, you decided to gun down Burn on the spot. When he reported you, as immature as it may have been, he had every right to be angry. He had been killed by the person he just saved after all.  He did not forgive you, which probably had something to do with you calling him a cunt and telling him to get over himself. I began handling the report, and when I attempted to set your slay, I saw you had disconnected. The slay was more than legitimate, as was the ban. I don't take the reputation of a player into account when it comes to decisions like this, so I find your attempt to sweep this under the rug by messaging me on steam particularly insulting. I'm sorry that you'd "rather avoid going through the appeal process if we can" but that's how things work, and if anyone is going to get out of regulation it sure won't be you. I deny your appeal, and I suggest you don't disconnect until you are sure the reports against you have been dealt with.
My claims were from the situation that I saw play out; kinda hard to check logs if I'm banned. I never saw a shot animation from him, and after the body went down, he just stood there rather than IDing it. I messaged you on steam, not as an insult or to sweep under the rug, but simply because I didn't know what happened and quite frankly don't see you on the forums often and wanted it cleared up as quickly as possible because I wanted to play a while tonight. I saw an RDM and Leave so i simply asked if I could serve out the slay since I only left to make dinner, rather than going AFK. As for calling him an ignorant cunt, that was only in regard to his complete disrespect of me in the report, and was said in the report in itself, not after his refusal to forgive (again, I was fully prepared to serve out a slay had I been wrong, I left it for staff after he made his decision and didn't mention it again despite him continually bringing it up). It had been 2-3 rounds later when I left, with 2 staff members on and only about a dozen total players, I believe it was fair to assume the report had already been handled.
You should have asked just to be sure, but at that point I probably would have assumed the same thing. The ban was only for a day anyways and you've already served a decent portion of it. I'll unban you, mainly because your note that the staff should have dealt with it by then is a fair point. There's no set rules on how long staff have to handle a situation like that or how long you have t wait till you're in the clear, we just have to guess on it sometimes. Perhaps there should be a rule for that. perhaps not. I watched the death scene many times and though it was undeniably rdm, it was only rdm because of the rules, it wasn't random.

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