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Ban Appeal - Trouble in Terrorist Town

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:31173163
Who banned you: Princess Frieza
Website profile link:
Ban length: 27/11/2017 - 4/12/2017
Ban Reason: "constand staff disrespect, continual RDM"
Why you should be unbanned: When I entered the server, to which there were perhaps only 6 players present, everyone seemed to be in a joking mood and taking the game only semi-seriously, to which I acted in suit. Frieza claims I was threatening him, even though I made the silly claim of "i come to your house and tickle your feet" being the most extreme I got. I did get slain for a false rdm report, I prefaced it as a joke but it is what it is, but "continual rdm" is a straight up lie. Frieza game me autoslay for 2 rounds for killing him on his T round, even though I saw saw him kill another player with a knife just shortly after the round started. Frieza claims that the "killcam view" from my perspective doesn't show him killing anyone, but I would not have called a KOS on him otherwise. Even if it was an RDM, he is claiming I did it multiple times, even though he only put autoslay on me for "rdming" once and not bothering to use the report system. I admit, I may have gotten disrespectful towards the end, but how can I not when I'm trying to defend myself agaist someone who's lying to my face to abuse their admin priveleges against me?
Your "tickle" claim is about the most honest thing you said in this. That was indeed the most direct threat you gave. But when I slayed you for a blantantly false report and your response was, I'm paraphrasing here bc my internet went down so I don't have access to my screenshots, "can't you take a joke bro", your attitude completely changed. You then began to disrespect not only me but the server itself, with indirect threats and blatant jabs. You seem preoccupied around the RDMs/slays, and are completely ignoring the main reason you were banned: the disrespect. I believe the slays you received were indeed deserved as I not only rewatched the death scene repeatedly and your view was clearly blocked, you ADMITTED to KOSing on location after I confronted you about it. While I agree it is a frustrating rule at times, that's the way the game is played here. And while I may be mistaken on this end, I'm fairly certain you RDMed a few of the other Users as well in different rounds but bc of the joking attitude we were enjoying, no reports were issued. Regardless, I have screenshots of all the disrespectful things you said, which I will upload once my wifi is restored, and multiple eye witnesses of your behavior. I will NOT be unbanning you.

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