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SteamID: STEAM_0:0:151523201

Steam Profile:

Age: 19

Time zone: Eastern Time Zone

Hours on server: 77 Hours

GMod hours: 404 Hours

Gametracker link:

Why should we choose you:
So I've been playing Garry's Mod for a little while now and while I got into it originally for prop hunt, it was Trouble in Terrorist Town that really caught my eye. After hopping around from server to server I discovered Oblivion purely by chance and was delighted not only by the setup of both the shop and detective/traitor weapons (gotta love that impact pistol), but also the friendly community who was not only welcoming, but also helped me enjoy Garry's Mod even more. While I am not the oldest player and certainly not the best, I do my best to interact with the players who are online and help out when I can. In terms of time I put into the server, while I do not promise daily attendance, I am on quite frequently throughout the week and go do long hours as well, especially towards the mid afternoons or later times. Regardless of whether I am accepted or not, I hope to continue playing on this server and getting to know each of you and having fun in TTT.

Past Experience:
I have some experience with the reports manager due to being a VIP on a BTG server.
What do you mean “friendly community” lol.

[Image: mdyRtOw.gif]
Rule 2. Do not spamming or harassing other players.
One of my favorite people to play with on the server (We just gonna ignore that impact pistol comment)
In the small amount of time I have played with you, you have never caused any problems and are a really fun guy to play with. I notice you are on a lot, more than me lately due to school and work, and I don’t think I have ever seen a report where you were guilty of rdm.

+Heard good things about you
+Very active
+Good understanding of rules

(Just so you know, you have more than 77 hours. You actually have 151.)
[Image: tumblr_oqts1d81V71re2qeso1_400.jpg]
Knows the rules
Been around for awhile
Worthy of trial staff

[Image: tumblr_oqts1d81V71re2qeso1_400.jpg]

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