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Petition to remove Promotion Series from Power Rounds

Nothing sucks more than getting the notification your promotion series has begun, or even worse, the notification that if you lose this round, you'll be demoted, and then immediately getting put into a power round. If you're lucky its shuffle deathmatch or TDM, and you at least have a 50/50 chance of winning to stop yourself from getting demoted. But more often than not, you'll get knife battle, or harpoon battle, or impact battle. And if you're on with let's say 20 other people, unless all 19 of them die before you which is very unlikely, you're getting demoted. Simply put, you can't get a fair shot at your promotional series during a power round, where everything is out of your control. There have been instances where I was playing shuffle deathmatch and everyone but one person was a traitor. The time ran out and the innocents won, despite the fact there was only one of them and 20 of us, simply because he was camping. I couldn't control the fact that I had been a detective 10 seconds earlier but had gotten switched right before the round ended, and in turn I got demoted. I know rank doesn't matter to probably over 80% of the player base but for the small percentage of us fighting for the top spots, it's situations like this that set us back aggravatingly far. What are your thoughts?
honestly i agree that its frustrating, but the coding required to prevent that is more significant that you might think. If there was an easy fix id surely support it I just cant see one without removing either of the features.

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