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Ridgevale's Staff Application


Steam Profile:


Time zone:

Hours on server: 

GMod hours:

Gametracker link

Why should we choose you:
I would like to be chosen to become trial-staff because I enjoy the TTT gamemode, and really enjoy this server. I used to play alot of RP but then I found this server and ditched the whole idea. I love the people apart of this community and would love to help keep it free from players who want to ruin it.

Past Experience:
 I was the staff director of Imperium Gaming (before it died) and worked as a head admin for one of their servers for multiple months (WW1 RP).

Not once have I played with you, but based on how you talk on discord, I can tell you’re not ready for this position
[Image: mdyRtOw.gif]
Rule 2. Do not spamming or harassing other players.

The main reason is your hours get your hours up

(I'm not apart of staff but just to help you)

What you said on discord the other day did not give us a great impression of you as a person tbh.
Also, I saw you afk on the server for quite a while the other day when no one was around, possibly hour farming.

[Image: tumblr_oqts1d81V71re2qeso1_400.jpg]

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