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UsedHail131 Staff Application

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:124633327
Steam Profile: |UssedHail131|
Age: 13
Time zone:central
Hours on server:43.26[plus hours on the old server I have the ancient tag currently ]
GMod hours:1071
Gametracker link: and
I switched names  from chase to |UsedHail131| the hours did not transfer
why should we choose you: After me being on all of the servers the current one and the old ones I want to join the oblivion community and also help with keeping the community clean and help the server grow overall. Also, have the 4 or so years of playing on the server I would like to play with friends and help show people the experience I had after all those years.


Past Experience: I have been mods on DarkRP servers and also TTT servers the hight I have ever gotten on DarkRP is mod and TTT Admin both servers got shut down Sadly 

Heart Heart Heart Please love me Heart Heart Heart
+fun to be around
+mature for his age
+follows rules, never seen him rdm

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