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Login Screen Design Contest

Hello everyone in the Oblivion Community!

We, staff, decided to host our first contest in the community. Our contest consists on creating any kind of a design for our server's loading screen! It's the time for you all with creative minds to give the best of you. Imagine having your artwork on our loading screen for everyone who joins the server to see? Pretty cool, don't you think?

Although, there is some rules to follow:

1.) All submissions must be ORIGINAL content. Stolen artwork or designs will result in a disqualification.
Using other people's artwork as a reference and/or making collages are allowed.

2.) The name of the server and community "Oblivion Gaming" MUST appear and be visible in the submission.

3.) NO NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content. This consists of gore, nudity, pornography, and anything that it's considered to be adult content.

4.) Must allow rights of the submitted artwork to the Oblivion Owners to use or make any changes to their work.

5.) ONE entry per entrant. (If submitted more than one, we will ask which entry you want for us to judge. Not receiving an answer all your entries will be null until we receive your answer)

6.) Must be Regular rank (10 hours) on the server to be allowed to enter the contest.

7.) Submissions must be sent on Forums' Media Thread titled: "Login Screen Contest Submissions". Any entry submitted that's not in the mentioned thread will not be considered until it's done otherwise.

8.) DEADLINE for any submission will be July 13th! The winner will be announced a few days after the deadline.

WINNER will receive the LEGEND rank with all its perks as a reward!

Good luck to all and we will be looking forward to every entry submitted!

-Oblivion Staff Team
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